Monday, October 27, 2008

Stress, Stress, and More Stress

Yes, I realize I'm writing this gloomy post not 3 minutes after my hyped up on technology one, but I feel I should make it up to my 2 (million) loyal readers, for having been absent from Wordpress for so long. So, stress. Fun stuff. Can only be relieved by removing the cause, in my opinion. Maybe a massage, an afternoon at a spa, a night's sleep, can do it for some people, but all the cucumbers in the world don't have the same effect on me as simply getting the task out of the way.

For example, tomorrow, being Diwali, is a national holiday, and we have no school. Now, since I have rehersal on Wednesday, time to do homework that night shall be limited. So, tomorrow, I need to complete:

  • Cell project: powerpoint and cell

  • Chemistry problems

  • Learn Bio information about cells

  • Algebra problems

  • Memorize Spanish verbs

  • Macbeth essay


Thank god for Diwali.

High off Technology

Flamingo. Has. Arrived.

Yes, indeed, friends, my Studio 15 Dell Laptop, aka Flamingo, has arrived. He's pink, flaming gay, and madly in love with Jamie's Studio 15, Licorice. He is the height of sexiness, and runs faster than Seabiscuit on steroids. I thought I hated Vista, but I've come to the dark side, and am loving it's sleekity. Also hot off the press, my printer, AT LONG LAST, works. My madre bought it in Chicago a few weeks ago, and when we tried to set it up to the desktop computer, it died. Miserably. SOO, we decided to wait until Flammy arrived, and start from scratch, and GUESS WHAT? She works. Yeah, I've decided my printer is a she, named Louise. She's bossy, hardworking, and knows how to give a little attitude. She's Carla, with a little Laverne mixed in.

AND AHA! Louise and Flammy are now side-by-side on my previously unused desk, with Louise happily telling Flam to "Dammn, go for it, gurrl!" with Licky. I am able to open up a Word Document (YEAH HUH, CAME PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED, BITCHES, FOR ONLY 100 BUCKS MORE, CHEAPER THAN DOWNLOADING IT), type in something like, oh, I don't know, "This is a TEST to see if the printer works! :) Thanks, Flamingo!", then hit the PRRRINTTTT button, and have it pop out at a rate of 19 ppm for color and 22 ppm for black. So there.

Anyways, you may be wondering (you're probably not, but I'm going for the segway anyway) why I'm so hyped up right about now. Well, for the last, oh, 2 and a half years we've lived in Trinidad, we have not had a functioning printer, and for the last, oh, my whole life, I've never had a laptop of my own. So, booya, bitches, and don't make fun of me for being High off Technology. Just wait til you see me in an Office Depot.

That's like Jamie on crack at a rave.