Monday, February 23, 2009

Return of the Lemon

Howdy, folks. So, I've been slacking. I haven't written anything on here in FOREVER, and I think I might actually have a topic. It'll probably last about a paragraph, but whaatever.

So, last night, the 81st Annual Academy Awards (why the overly-dramatic title? Who knows), aka Oscars (there you go) were hosted. It was the first time I've watched them all the way through, and I'm glad I did. But I don't feel like describing why it kicked so much ass, so instead, I'll just say - I loved Hugh Jackman before, but now I want to have his babies. Seriously, YouTube that shizz.

But as I sat there with Tony and my mom til about 1 in the morning, giddy when WALL-E and Milk won awards and inwardly groaning when Slumdog Millionaire got 8 (total, with 4 in a row - more about this in a bit), I realized exactly how different we are from this country.

Okay, so I could rant for aaages about the woes of living in Trinidad, and how I crave open-mindedness and, like, ONE Trini athiest (Jamie's agnostic self excluded, of course), but I won't. I'll just say, while the majority of the rest of this country was partying til dee break ah dawn, (actually, they kept going through dawn, because Jouvert was today) we, and friends of mine, were sitting at home, watching the "biggest event in movies this year".

And discussing Slumdog. So here's this part. Before I rant, let me just say that I have not seen the movie, so I of course can't judge. What my mom brought up last night, and what (I think) I agree with, is that the number of awards given to Slumdog is because of guilt. You know there are Americans out there who felt so good about themselves for going to see a movie about life in the slums of India. They think they're more aware, having seen that movie - "Ohh, did you know, life's really really bad for those kids? Soo sad. That movie should win 8 Oscars." etc. Ditto for Milk, really. I don't doubt that it was a fantastic movie, though, again, I haven't seen it yet. But come on, don't you think the Academy is maybe just tossing gay people a bone?

That being said: the two award winners for Milk, Sean Penn for Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay, gave some kickass speeches, advocating equality and gay rights. Again, if you missed it, YouTube it.

So, that's me, for now. Ooh, also, I've compiled a little list of songs that pwn. Here it is:

  • Chapel of Love, by The Dixie Cups

  • Summer in the City, by The Lovin' Spoonful

  • Be Bop a Lula, by Gene Vincent

  • More Than a Feeling, by Boston

  • Leader of the Ppack, by The Shangri-Las

  • Remember (Walkin' in the Sand), by The Shangri-Las

See, Happy Little Lemon? I haven't forgotten you.