Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hot Child in the City

Jeez. People are mad at me for not blogging. Be HAPPY, readers, I'm in a good mood so I won't bitch at you too much for being mean to me. But, I have to say, there's a SHITLOAD I could write about. SOO, I'm just going to make a list of things that are going on in my life. General, everyday things, nothing deep, nothing about my past. Just things you want to know. So enjoy.

Ooh, by the way, the reason this post is called "Hot Child In The City", is after the Joan Jett song, which, for some reason, played OVER AND OVER when I was cleaning my bathroom, and because I was all gross and soapy, I didn't want to touch Flamingo to skip the song. It's kind of become a theme for my mom and I. Plus, now I'M a hot child in the city. Hells yes.

  1. I've been doing a lot of tidying up lately. Yes, I have lived in this house for a month now, so it's a bit late to be doing those final boxes or chores around the house. But we've had something to do every weekend, and this past weekend was no different. We spent all day Saturday raking our asses off in the backyard, along with hauling wood from one pile to another. Then, Sunday, we shopped for and planted tulip bulbs. My favourite flowers, I've never had tulips before, and now we finally can grow them in our very own backyard. Aside from the outdoorsy chores, there are the indoorsy ones too, including the awful ones like #2 and the BITCHIN' ones like organizing my desk, closet, and dresser.

  2. I am inclined to count this as a separate point, because even though it falls under the house category, it is not fun, entertaining, or relaxing. This is the task of bathroom cleaning. It sounds awful, it makes me sound pampered and spoiled, but I haven't thoroughly cleaned a bathroom in an awfully long time. This was one of those all out, scrub the entire room, kind of things. I won't get into the details, but let's just say, it wasn't the sponge turning the water that funny colour when I was cleaning the shower.

  3. ON A DIFFERENT NOTE, School is insane these days. December exams (we had a set in October too) are only 3 and a half weeks away, and it's the usual ZOMFG Teacher Moment, where they mercilessly assign us a shitload all at once. So next week, and the week after that, are filled with big intense time-consuming projects. Luckily, I've recently been gifted the gift of time. See #5.

  4. Speaking of school, we found out today that our school has been threatened in some way. Apparently, someone wrote on a bathroom wall in one of the school's buildings that...bad...stuff will happen this coming Sunday. I don't know if they know and aren't telling us, or if they just don't know, but the teachers aren't saying what bad stuff we're to expect. Now, supposedly, this happens every year, and sometimes a couple times a year, but usually on April Fool's Day. Of course, the school can't "take it lightly", so things are a little uptight at school starting today and going til Tuesday - security guards hanging around (contrary to ISPS, this isn't a normality), and classroom doors being locked during class. No one's very worried, and I'm not either. I just can't stop thinking how Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this sounds ("her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever" - remember that?).

  5. After two months of living here, you'd think I'd be aces at the public transportation system. Quite the contrary. About a week ago I took my first ever Winnipeg bus ride, with a friend on the way to spend the night at her house. I'm now at the point where I'm taking a bus ALL ALONE home after school. It's weird being so independent. I like it, don't get me wrong, but trying out this whole new system was and still is terrifying. I've heard horror stories about people who tried to get to my school, the University of Winnipeg, and ended up at the University of Manitoba, about 40 minutes away from the right school. But overall, this bus thing is pretty bitchin'. It's fun, and it saves me so much time in afternoons, in comparison with walking to my mom's office and waiting for her til 5:00 and driving home (expect a post about that later).

  6. Sorry to keep talking about school, but I feel I should give the low-down on a couple of my classes. This year, I'm taking Drama, Creative Writing (called Trans Forms, officially), Canadian History, English (called Literary Focus, officially), Pre-Calculus, and Spanish.

    • Drama is fun and just plain Drama-y. I'm getting 100%, not much to complain about.

    • Creative Writing has some of the best people. We have a kickass time in that class, and some fun things, like poetry and playwriting are to come. I worry sometimes that the constant assignments are stealing my "creative juices", but I can't bitch, it's a lot of fun and an opportunity I know Jamie and maybe Eddie would love to have.

    • Canadian History. Well. I was enraged at first, and still a little peeved, that the school thinks their kids can get by without only knowledge of Canadian History. There isn't even the OPTION for American or World History. I was so worried about falling insanely behind (having ZERO knowledge of this country's past). I know we complained about our Modern World History class, but without that, I'd be pretty screwed That said, this class also has some pretty fun people and is a lot of fun. The teacher, recognized school-wide as "the short, mean one" can be pretty strict, but can cackle every now and then.

    • I have to say, Ms. Chesler, I miss you. My English teacher this year is a bit of a prick - and my mom agrees, which says something. He's picked some good books and plays this year (A Doll's House, The Great Gatsby, Macbeth, The Glass Menagerie, 1984, and a couple others), but I hate his learning style (and his MLA-format obsessed ways), and I think he imposes his opinion on us a lot of the time. I'm trying to suck it up and deal, but it's pretty tough, and makes me ache for the days when Ches taught the un-seaming scene of Macbeth by standing barefoot on a chair with a stick and stabbing at the air victoriously.

    • Pre-Cal. Pre-Cal, Pre-Cal, Pre-Cal. Whenever I think about my teacher in this class, I think of him going "Ohhhkay". He's very chilled, very lax, and seems mostly concerned with us understanding the information. He's good. I'll give him that. He goes a little fast, but he hasn't yelled or even gotten annoyed once the entire two months. I'm a bit worried about our upcoming test, on what I'm dubbing "The Seven Deadly Sins Equations". My favourite moment from class so far: after my teacher FOILed something out on the board, I asked if we could just use the stacking method instead. He had me come up to front of the room and do that on the board, and when I was almost done, he sighed, and said, under his breath, "Ohh, that's cool."

    • Spanish - though I'm usually exhausted by the time I get to this class at the end of the day, it's a nice throwback to lovely simple 8th grade Spanish I, and our five (sometimes six) person class has some good times.

There. Yes, I talked about school a lot, but cmon, to whom is that NOT a big deal? Hope you people are happy.

PS: Kaster - your turn.