Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Robin Lives Alone

My mom went away for three days and two nights this past weekend. She left early on Sunday morning and got back a few hours ago, Tuesday afternoon.

Since 16 isn't old enough to be left alone (or, you know, fly to Trinidad all by yourself, BUT WHATEVER), some my friends moved in WITH me so that in case I burnt the house down, we would ALL die and not just me.

So here's what happened, in list form.

  1. Number of girls under one roof: 3 (4 counting non-humans)
  2. Number of alternatively crazy-ass hyped up OR depressed and downtrodden dogs: 1
  3. Number of worried mother phone calls: 5-6 per day
  4. Number of rooms cleaned before arrival of guests: 8
  5. Number of sets of sheets washed: 3
  6. Number of towels washed: 10-12
  7. Number of loads of laundry ruined by me: NONE
  8. Number of lamps broken: 1
  9. Number of "this is why I shouldn't try and be nice by cleaning the house because I break so much shit" moments: 3
  10. Hours spent with iTunes playing: at least 12
  11. Amount of homework done: the bare minimum
  12. Number of nail polish color changes: 4
  13. Number of doggie accidents: 4 separate occasions
  14. Number of Spanish words spoken: 15-20
  15. Number of Mad Men episodes watched: 3
  16. Number of hours spent talking about boys: 5
  17. Number of hours spent talking about ONE boy: 4.5
  18. Number of swear words said: 50
  19. Number of swear words said by me: 48
  20. Number of imaginary sexy young Latino men to stop by: 3