The Blog

First, Robin created Happy Little Lemon, a Wordpress blog.

Robin had a lot of fun with Happy Little Lemon, writing about her day-to-day life. Robin's friend Edward made Eddmah, and her favorite teacher had 3limes, so all of the blogs could play together, and things were going really well.

Then, many years later, Robin got mad at Happy Little Lemon. Robin was frustrated that Happy Little Lemon wasn't pretty or smart enough. Robin got very sad, and eventually closed down Happy Little Lemon.

Then, Robin created Lemons and Flamingos, a Blogger blog. Robin loved Lemons and Flamingos because it was very pretty, easy to customize, and was everything Happy Little Lemon wasn't. Robin used Lemons and Flamingos for all of March 2010. For some reason, her posts became fewer and fewer, and sounded more exasperated. Eventually, she stopped blogging altogether, and no one really knows why.

Very slowly, starting with a few sentences, and a poem or two, Robin started writing again. But not on Lemons and Flamingos. She surprised even herself by embracing Happy Little Lemon once more. And, after setting down some new ground rules, she wrote all the time.

But Robin never forgot how much fun it had been playing with Lemons and Flamingos.

So she searched for a solution to her problem. She wanted her relationship with Happy Little Lemon to stay the same, but she wanted the fun times she had with Lemons and Flamingos to continue.

Finally, Robin created Happy Little Lemons and Flamingos.

And everything was right again.

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